Recomended For Ages 8 and under

Avengers Theme

Avengers kids Party

 Let the superkids come out to celebrate This super birthday party with some Avengers Action 

Pirate Theme

Pirate Kids Party

 You will feel like a true pirate when surrounded with all of our pirate party theme setup.  

Dinosaur Theme

Dinosaur kids party

 Throw a dinosaur party and watch your little paleontologists have a blast! From the ferocious and majestic T-Rex ...

Spider-Man Party

Spider-Man Kids Party

 You child will  be a star of everyone's favorite Spidey story, when you choose this theme.

Mickey Mouse Party

Mickey Mouse Kids Party

Party with Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy and the whole gang! Give your little one a great birthday party.

Minions Party

 Bananas!....   awesome Despicable Me party for your little minion's next birthday extravaganza with us.

recommended for ages 8 and up

Sport Theme Party

Sports birthday party theme for girls and boys parties. Football, basketball, soccer, Baseball!

Star War Theme Party

From Jedi robes to Lightsaber training  we will get the kids into 

star war character. 

Science theme

kids party

Fun science experiments and activities will bring out everyone's inner mad scientist!  

Carnival Theme

kids party

Come one come all to this spectacular This Party is full of activities and Fun. The kids will never have enough of your carnival birthday.  

Slime Party

kids party

 Let's throw your child's epic slime party, it is the right kind of messy, creative and best of all you don't have to lift a finger. We bring everything for this blast theme.  

Toy Story Theme Party

kids party

Get ready for fun with Woody, Buzz Lightyear and friends with a Toy Story themed party!   

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